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Welcome to the Australian Psychological Services Network website. We are a new organisation that will be launched in October, 2006. We aim to provide a service to people seeking psychological assistance, and Psychological Service Providers. In particular, we aim to provide service seekers with answers to the questions they have in their mind when looking for a psychological service, for example:

  • "How do I decide who the best psychologist would be for me, or my family?"
  • "Where can I get psychology services free of charge?"
  • "What are the differences between a psychologist, a psychiatrist and a counsellor?"
  • Does my child really have ADHD?"

Secondly, we aim to provide a means of efficiently locating a service provider most appropriate to your needs via the search facilities provided.

Statement of Principle

We believe that clients of psychological services are entitled to be as well informed as possible, regarding the nature and possible causes of psychological problems, the range of treatments available, and to be able to access a psychological service provider, preferably in their local area, who best matches their needs.

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